Reviews for "Sleeptime Fun! v1.13 (Web version)"

Lena Dunham the game

For a good wake take off the blanket till you can see her boob. Then try to rub her nipple till she orgasims then you can finish taking off all of her cloths & blanket without a problem.

How ever it is a great game. Quite challenging if you don't know what your doing and really good graphics and sound effects, but I feel that there should be a bit more to it. Like a reward system or a way to increase your chance with sleeping pills or something. However the lack of being able to remove her panties & fucking her brains out is quite a disappointment.

Great game! I just wish this version were more rewarding in the end. You could've at least let us take her panties off, maybe.

Needs a bit of work. But great game.

Waiting for the update! Very nice game, I love it!