Reviews for "Sleeptime Fun! v1.13 (Web version)"

Became easy when you know what and how to do. Also there is a bug when she opens her eyes, and they stay open and you can do whatever you want. And sometimes when I grab a bodypart and drag the mouse away, until the mouse ''realease'' it, i get some skyrocket bonusscore.

Other than that, I can't use the mushroom, and I don't understand why theres a malesymbol over the bar, since nothing even happens on that side.

luv it - wish youu could remove underwear

gg but plz add a way of canging rhe soned bro

This game is so hard its shit. Fucking add a gallery.

I can't even get the damn blanket down past her boobs. :/ I wish the blanket would pull down a bit more smoothly, rather than jerking down all of a sudden and causing her to wake up. The animation is pretty good though, from what I've seen so far. Good work.