Reviews for "Sleeptime Fun! v1.13 (Web version)"

Love the game but I was wondering if there was some kind of walkthrough or any hints? I just wanted the graphic are on point with this one! Can't wait to see full game.

Raynsan responds:



General tips:
- Keep an eye out for her eyes, stop moving if she begins to open them
- Drag limbs/clothes all the way, till the hand cursor disappears by itself
- At the beginning slow movements are more arousing
- The torch icon and the buddha on the background can be clicked to turn on lights but doing so may raise the difficulty

To remove the top: click the buttons one by one starting from the top. Drag each side from the top, near the first button. Drag from under her left breast.

To remove the pants: remove the top or pull it up from the bottom left side. Untie them by dragging one of the strings. Pull down from the top edge.

Funny game, but mat be a sleeping gauge would be helpful

Raynsan responds:

Pay attention to her eyes :p

it a good game but my god is it hard maybe add a checkpoint every step that you do like taking of the bed sheet ect but good sound ,good well everything else so if you don't mind im going to try it beat this game

okay first off let me say that this game is great in the animation and sound department which is amazing. now my idea is you have to put in some kind of checkpoint system like when you take the blanket off your done that part, there should be some way of seeing what you can do what with (ex. light glow to the shirt buttons, arrows when moving the leg or arm), and if possible make it so you don't wake her with just a slight movement when you can turn her lights on and she stays asleep. other than those points the game is great except i never got to see the good awakening since i never got past 80% pleasure bar for her because she kept getting close to/waking up when i got her remotely close to cumming.

Raynsan responds:

The glow is a very good idea and actually not hard to implement, I'll give it a go! May also throw in some check-point system, thanks for the suggestions.

Glow system has been added!

I liked the concept, reminded me of Orgasm Girl from back in the day. Art was good but very little replay-ability. starting over is very disheartening. I would give 4 stars but i'm not a huge fan of demos to begin with. All in all, worth the 20 mins I put in.

Raynsan responds:

I will consider adding a check-point system.