Reviews for "Sleeptime Fun! v1.13 (Web version)"

I can't take off the top. After removing all the buttons all I can do is drag arm, tits and pull back the top where it started. Arm is behind her so I could remove the buttons. What do I have to do to be able to remove the top?

It's a pretty nice game btw.

Raynsan responds:

When top is not raised you can move each side (from the top, near where the first button is) after unbuttoning.

Here's my best advice. "Her weak spot is her mouth" it fills both meters not sure what the white meter indicates but i'm pretty sure that the pink represent pleasure. Pay close attention to the eyes while doing movements aslong as her eyes don't move you're in the clear but. Be wary, sometimes the spaces in between half awake and awake jumps really quickly so drag and touch at a reasonable pase. Great game Ray btw ^^

Raynsan responds:

Thank you ^^

It's a decent push-the-limits game, but it'd be nice if there were small tips given after you lose; nothing more complicated than just a little blurb of advice. There are a lot of small things like watching her eyes and making slower movements that I didn't notice even after losing repeatedly, and I thought it came off as a little too subtle.

Raynsan responds:

Added hints in the newest version, thanks for feedback!

how can you remove the panties ?
btw good game
and really hard tow it down a bit

Raynsan responds:

Can't be removed in the web version, sorry.
Difficulty has been lowered however in the newest update.
Thank you :)

Games broke, I can't undo the top without it breaking. Once I lift the bottom of the top I cant touch the top, same things happen when I use the top first.

other than that the art is nice.