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Reviews for "NeaR: Automat-uh (18+)"

damn the easter egg is too hard!

Wow. Everyone's giving you 5 stars. I almost gave you 4 stars and 1/2 because I didn't see any anal. But then I found the tentacle scene and it sold me.

Everything is so smooth. There's something moving in every frame, top notch animation.
I love the sploog sounds they're amazing and they don't go overboard like a lot of other games and hentai.
The vag is really pretty too, it's not a loli vag because there is a lot of detail on it.
Also the first swallow scene was amazing and that little cough she does after you see her throat bulge was really nice touch. It really is the small details that count. It's all really nice to look at.


I wish it was more interactive.

My-my, we finally got a worthy competition for Zone-Tan, here, on NG!)
And no, dat easter egg was not easy at all. To get it, find a horny face i the tentacle scene, right after you go into it.