Reviews for "Super Batter Up! Challenge"

I really liked it. It was frustrating, but manageable. Judging from the easter eggs, you must be a fan of Lucasarts. Well, me too. Thankfully, I didn't have any problems, it worked well.

CidadeAP responds:

Yeah we grew up playing the Lucas Arts classics, nice catch! Thanks for playing im glad it worked well for you. Cheers

Lots of variety in this. I'm not sure how you came up with all these different methods of play, but it's impressive. Great work.

CidadeAP responds:

Thanks for your kind words! :)

At first I hoped that it would actually be a good sports game or something like this, well... I was disappointed. And I was even more when I started to play the game. It is rather not about the skills, it's about luck. And many times the game generates a situation in which it is not possible to hit 2 subsequent balls or hit the ball while avoiding a bomb that is coming just after it. The game is also faulty and has some irritating bugs and glitches. Few issues:
1. The game is not saving progress, so you have to do all bombs, cages or walls challenges in one sitting;
2. In some challenges, especially in Keep it up, although you have passed a wave successfully without any strikes the game fails to send you the next wave of balls and all you can do is to quit.
3. The Keep it up challenge has its own unique bug: very often the player to the right fails to show up for the match, so you cannot play.
4. It can also happen that although you finish the challenge the game won't tell you that you won or won't redirect you back to the challenges select screen, pressing the "back" button is not helping at all, it is not working, so all you can do is to reload the game and if you remember point 1 above - if you for example passed 3 walls challenges you have to do it all over again - extremely irritating.
5. I don't know what's wrong with this challenge, but I had to beat the Alien challenge 3 times before finally the game decided that I actually deserve the medal.
So definitely there are some fields in which this game can - and should - be improved.

CidadeAP responds:

Hi HerbieG thanks for your comments and play time.
As far as the game being about luck I have to disagree, I can beat all the challenges on Gold on my first try, the timings are tough on some challenges but luck is not needed to beat them.

1) Im not sure why its not saving your progress, just checked and it was working but after a while it reset back losing the save progress, I can see why that sucks. Will see what I can do to fix this.

2) In Keep it Up! 2 I have found the same bug and I'll try to fix it in an update.

3) Darn, thats a bug I havent seen yet, do you remember what player you played with or any other details when this happened. Maybe I can find the bug easier with a bit more info.

4) Do you remember what challenge that happened on? Until I fix it you can press Escape to go back.

5) The Alien challenge medal when I tested came up after I refreshed a couple times, not sure why this is happening.

Sorry for any frustration these issues caused for you, it will take a bit of time to figure these out but I will try to as soon as I can. Thanks for playing our game, hope you had some fun with it.