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Reviews for "Zombie Society - Dead Detective"

Excellent. Nice shout out to Secret of Monkey Island, too. ;)

Muja responds:

Thanks! Ahah, glad you liked that reference :)

Made it to the end where you have to come up with a conclusion and I'm at a lost even with the walk-through. Lost a star for my sitting here for 15 mins lost as heck. Otherwise quite fun.

Muja responds:

Yeah, you probably didn't find all the clues before arresting the culprit.
I guess it can get frustrating when you only need one clue or two, but you don't have the slightest idea where to find them.
I'll consider a way to improve the design for the next case.
Thank you for playing, and for your feedback!

This is so freakin' good!. I love it. Reminded me of an oldschool point and click about a cowboy, I can't remember the name, but It was really cool, just as your game is. I love it, it looks polished, it's clever and fun. Great job.

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot!
I don't know about the game you're talking about... But a point and click adventure set in the wild west sounds interesting! I will look it up :D

I think it kinda glitched out on me, I can't seem to get the "One out of Two" Medal because I'm not given a conclusion I could pick whenever I have one right and one wrong idea in the beginning (and when I choose the two right options then, I'm given a possible conclusion...but when I change one of the answers and then try to pick a conclusion, the game still acts as if I've picked both correct ones)
Apart from that though, the game is quite alot of fun and intriguing! I enjoyed finding clues and piecing everything together using logical thinking. I only had to use the walkthrough right at the end because I wasn't able to make all conclusions and present them despite having had all clues...until I found out I made one wrong assumption and all HAD to be correct in order to finish the game (which was kinda sad, I wished there would have been the possibility to end the game without solving the case/accusing the wrong person)
Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and didn't even mind replaying the game to get the other achievements~

Muja responds:

Hello, and thank you for your feedback!
Let me point out, however, that:
- you CAN get the medal "one out of two" by doing two deductions during your first meeting with Mr. Mitsk.The first deduction is the very first question you ask Mr. Mitsk. In short: if you say "You don't want to get the police involved" you fail the first deduction; If you confirm the theory "The thief stole Mitsk's money" you fail the second deduction.
Fail only one of those, and you'll get the medal you want
- you CAN make the wrong deduction and accuse the wrong zombie! In fact, there are at least three other wrong deductions you can make to solve the case - but all your interpretations still have to be coherent with each other.

That's all, glad you have fun and thank you for your review :)

That was a fun game! I enjoyed the feel of it.

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, glad you liked it! :)