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Reviews for "Zombie Society - Dead Detective"

This was superb! I absolutely loved it!
You've done a great job and I hope to see more games like this one. I really liked the retro feel to it and the reference to Monkey Island. Truly well done.

Just two things to take into account, both mentioned before:
- the evidence questioning thing: it's rather pointless to click that much when you could just try to ask as much as possible before going back to the dialogue.
- the loading of previously saved games. I played it on Firefox for a few minutes but I had to go. When I returned and wanted to finish the game, I was unable to do so: it just remained stuck on a black screen.

Well done, man. I'm a fan of your work! If you ever want to do a Spanish translation for your games, I'd be glad to help!

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, I'm glad you liked the game that much!
To answer you:
- That's a design flaw that I overlooked, but it'll certainly be fixed by the next case;
- That recurring bug is giving me a headache, but I finally found out why it's occurring; I'll fix it with the next update
- I DO want to translate the game in spanish; I'm actually working on a full-lenght game like this, and localization might be a big plus; so I'll write down your nickname and I will certainly contact you in the future!

Thank you again for your review!

You're Italian like me, so I enjoyed the game a lot! Seems to me like Monkey Island, sort of. Of course I would like to see more of this kind of games, especially from our country!

Talking about the game, one thing I found kind of messy. Acording to me, finding the ID was he end of the game. Looking for clues everywhere until the ending has been pretty stressful, also because I had to hit many things on screen randomely... then I also read the walthrough on FB, unfortunately.

If you manage to create a plot that guides you through, reaching your "material" goal and also your "investigative" goal, it would be great!

Muja responds:

Ahah another italian on Newgrounds, that's great! There's a lot more of us than I initially thought.
Now I feel silly answering you in english, but since you did the same let's get on with it.

I understand perfectly what you mean, and I have thought a lot about that, as a matter of fact.
"Guiding" the player to find the clues sounds like a good idea, but I feared it would make the game even easier. In the end I decided to make it like that, because I thought that the main characteristics of a point and click game are "exploration" and yes, even a tiny bit of frustration :D

But I also added an element that should lower the frustration to a minimum: Ghvnn and his hint system. Asking him if there's anything left to do in a room is a good way to advance in the game without spoiling it with a walkthrough.

But I'll try to do better with the next case, anyway!
Follow me here on NG (or on Facebook or Twitter, you'll find the links inside my profile) to be warned as soon as I make another one :)

Thank you for your review!

I love the art and the story!

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot! Follow me here on NG, a new story will come (relatively) soon!

this game is pretty good

Muja responds:

Thank you!

this is great 5 stars

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot!