Reviews for "Ultra Trivia - SNK"

Pretty cool.

This is a very generic layout for a quiz, which could have been better, not so plain.
Interesting choice of questions, however, it would of been better if they were all randomized at the very least.. made answering them quite the easy task.

Not bad. Better luck in the future!

Nice quiz i got 75%

FIL1994 responds:

Thanks for the review!

Another nice trivia about another big Japanese games company. Some of the answers weren't even easy to find on the Internet ;-) I have to complain about 2 things though - SPOILER WARNING:
1. Question 13: it is a common mistake that people are making by referring to the series of those games, it's proper name is Samurai Shodown, not Showdown, without "w" in it.
2. Question 19: it is a legal issue; if you ask this question in the current way the answer is "currently never". Why? Because at the end of previous year, 2016, SNK Playmore officially and legally dropped the "Playmore" part from its name and its current name is again the SNK Corporation. So you should rather change this question to "When did the original SNK Corporation close?".

FIL1994 responds:

Thanks for the review. I'll have to fix those. I believe their name is just SNK now, but it was a misleading question. EDIT: Your right. It is SNK Corporation.

am i the only one who thought of this as a shingeki no kyojin trivia quiz? lol