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Reviews for "Death"

wait, i clicked items and now I'm stuck

zuvizut responds:

Press ESC to go back.
Thanks for playing!

I don't know what the issue was with the loading screens, as they barely interrupted the game. Unless people were expecting something other than the stock screen.

Also don't know why people are complaining about the demon fight. Beat it on my second try, no sweat (though, I evaded the first attack from the demon, so that may be a random thing).

I liked the game, it was cute, though, it was too short for me to give a higher rating. And some of those endings are terrifying!

zuvizut responds:

Yeah, there are many concepts of the afterlife...
Some more terrifying than others.
Ultimately, we can never truly know, but instead believe.
Thanks for playing!

i love this but I want to know how much HP the demon has.

zuvizut responds:

I think that it adds a bit of suspense without an HP bar.
It's possible to beat him.
Why not try again?

The primary annoyance is you have to do some of the paths multiple times before it actually awards the medals onto your Newgrounds profile.

In particular, The Wanderer didn't award until I had also unlocked Fade. And both The Nomad Souls and Humanitarian had to be repeated before they awarded.

zuvizut responds:

Sorry, for the inconvenience.
I think I might know what might chase that.
I will look into it.
Thanks for playing!

Short and Sweet.