Reviews for "Frieza's Wish (Episode 1)"

Very big

So you are right about this one being big it's huge and you bring alot of people into this to really put the work in the graphics we're pretty good and the animations we're brilliant as for the story I really like how you played it out and made it work with all the elements as for some form of improvment maybe some extra fancy effects in the more in depth scenes

Some more fancy effects in the more intense scenes but honestly it's fine as is



I liked this. I'd really like to help you with the voices sometime; some were good but some seemed like you were stretching the actors too thin. For instance, Krillin and Roshi are both good but the Frieza sounds definitely like a fan voice. Quality work in any case.

Interesting story and really entertaining.Good job but however the voice acting was quite odd but still ok at least the actors have shown effort also the animation is fine.
In my opinion the story is really good even for a fan base story...way better than resuscitation of Frieza movie...Seriously good job.

do not listen to CyberNaZ I can smell troll, anyway some of my lines did have static so I will get a better much to do a better job. Loved the whole video, amazing what you did. upload it to YouTube too its so good, honestly, upload it to YouTube