Reviews for "UniSquad"


I really enjoy this game!! But I accidentally unlocked one of the more difficult stages before I realized and now my heroes keep getting killed on it; I can't even afford to put new heroes down. It would be really helpful if there was a reset stage button, maybe? I'm not sure what I'm going to do lol..

Very addictive game, and very nice. I have a suggestion. when evolving a character, does each evolution have certain stats? (for example defensive/attack, or single target/area damage evolutions) some more details would be helpful.

I guess this game has been updated since Feb. because I am having none of the troubles previously reviewed. I really enjoy this game, especially since I can play a few minutes here and there, it is very fast. The reset buttons were very helpful, and I even liked that there was a cost to it so I didn't reset mindlessly. (Use all gold you can before resetting any level!)

Only thing that frustrated me was having to fight to save. If I sold back a character or upgraded a character it only saved for later if I then won a fight.

Great game! An interesting concept and a lot of fun! Don't know why it's only at 3.5 stars...