Reviews for "Midnight Hunter"

Very addictive! I have to get up early tomorrow morning but couldn't help play for another half hour. :P Good job!

Nice game. Usually I don't like these kind of games because they involve so much grinding, but I felt like I was able to get cash at a fair rate in this game. The missions were often luck-based, but that didn't matter too much since they could be bought out. Too bad you don't unlock anything after killing the boss, like another character or some fancy upgrade.The music is great, the graphics are great, and I actually like the mouse controls. Good job!

good one, had some fun

Agree with the other comment that Spike gun needs a buff. Easily the worst weapon, I would even say its inferior to the default weapon. Firing rate is too slow to accomplish anything, especially at later stages when the enemies are literally flooding the screen

Love it!