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Reviews for "Writer Man 4"

Game is very funny.

This game is great, however, it is too short. I got all of the upgrades without even realizing it. Seriously, dev, great job. Hell, it says something that I really want more. I'd love to see this game expand into other realms, some of which other commenters have already mentioned such as possibly giving the writer a life outside of writing and slightly more direction. This is a fresh idea and I love it

FIL1994 responds:

Thanks for the review. I honestly thought this would be the last Writer Man game I made, but due to the reception I'm sure I'll do another one. There are lots of directions the game can go. The first 3 were built off each other. This one was built from the ground up so I had to keep the scale reasonable.

I don't know why people were saying this game is short its taken me like 30 minutes, but i'm having fun good game. I love the music, the atmosphere its almost kinda haunting, I mean when you get so far in the game, you've made like 30 books, and your on week 400 man its great.

I really love this game man im so sad that it didn't save my game the concept is amazing I did not think I was going to find a game like this man it would be awesome if was just updated some more.

I'm an aspiring author myself and this makes me feel like I've already won in the business. Great work