Reviews for "Writer Man 4"

Great game, cool concept, neat layout. The only thing I could suggest is more of a story and more goals to work towards. But other than that, you have yourself a great game!

FIL1994 responds:

Thanks for the review! Those are some great ideas.

Great game! love the concept and quite accurate to reality. I LOVE the week system and money system. One thing, though, is bugging me. This is the continuous music in the background. It would be great if you added multiple soundtracks instead of just the one. Apart from this, excellent game!

Good game. Good UI, nice if limited mood music, solid systems but not much in the way of direction or real development of gameplay.

Thriller genre uses the most skill categories, giving you the highest quality work if your skill points are evenly spread. Thriller - unsurprisingly - works best with a Betrayal, Horror, or Mystery theme.

Going through a publisher is much more lucrative than self-publishing. Depending on the Quality and Combo of your work, different publishers will be interested. Best I've found is Wilkes with 50 quality and 18% royalties.

Buy the improvements you can afford, prioritizing Writing first, then Transportation, then Living; spend skill points evenly. You could try randomly determining which genres utilize which skills, and from there find the best bang-for-buck skill combination to invest in; but that's a lot of trial-and-error analysis and I'm already a millionaire author, so pass. Good game.

FIL1994 responds:

Thanks for the review!
In the early game, you should see slightly higher sales by self-publishing.
Writing improves the quality of the books you write. Transportation increases the amount of XP you get. Living improves sales.

This game was actually very fun, but as it went on, it got more boring. It has a perfect design, but it just got super repetitive, and easy. If you added more features and more issues, it could be better.

I found this game fun at first, but once I got moving, it became super easy. It didn't seem to matter too much which options I chose, because it seemed almost impossible to run out of money.

Because I was able to get all the upgrades before the 100th book, I spent a little bit just mashing the options until I wrote enough. Maybe if it was harder, or if you could see more graphical representation, it would be more interesting to play.