Reviews for "Writer Man 4"

Having all stats equal, thriller mystery are 4 to 5 times better than any other excellent combo I come up with. Also, thriller beauty, awfull combo, score me a 185 quality, while graphic novel heroism, excellent combo, has only 44 quality. So either thrillers are the only books worth writing, or they require no skills to be written.

Also Politics Satire is a bad combo?

Game won't work no matter what i click nothing happens

This game is great, however, it is too short. I got all of the upgrades without even realizing it. Seriously, dev, great job. Hell, it says something that I really want more. I'd love to see this game expand into other realms, some of which other commenters have already mentioned such as possibly giving the writer a life outside of writing and slightly more direction. This is a fresh idea and I love it

FIL1994 responds:

Thanks for the review. I honestly thought this would be the last Writer Man game I made, but due to the reception I'm sure I'll do another one. There are lots of directions the game can go. The first 3 were built off each other. This one was built from the ground up so I had to keep the scale reasonable.

It is fun at first, making ridiculous names for books and what-not; but it gets boring.
Definitely add more things to spend money on because I bought everything long before I even wrote 25 books.

Awesome game! I loved the setup and the strategy elements.
My one wish is that there is maybe a bit of information on what each upgrade does.
Also, I personally would love to see this with some background story involved that affects your writing (i.e. Lover breaks up with you if you neglect them which lowers your humor rating but makes you better at writing betrayal or something like that).
Or a health element where you have to make sure you don't stress yourself out.
I really think this has awesome potential to be an even more complex RPG that would be awesome. Keep up the good work!