Reviews for "Writer Man 4"

I'm an aspiring author myself and this makes me feel like I've already won in the business. Great work

I really love this game man im so sad that it didn't save my game the concept is amazing I did not think I was going to find a game like this man it would be awesome if was just updated some more.

I don't mean to mimic Chompo here, but I agree with him.
I love the concept of the game, however, it's execution is lacking. Definitely needs more content, more events, and more music.
As an aspiring author myself, I do appretiate this game, however. Just don't worry about why I'm here on Newgrounds and not writing. I have writer's block, I'm not just lazy...Really!

Okay. After I bought everything, there wasn't anything left to do. Would be more fun if there were book signings, etc. Not sure when the game is supposed to end ... Also, I don't think the medals are working. Does writing your own title even do anything?

The concept is brilliant, but the resulting game is kind of poor. It got very boring after a very short while, all prices seemed completely random, the music is okay, but repetitive... But most importantly, there is nothing to it. It is just "write title, chose type and theme, increase status, repeat".

There could be so much more, like reviews and readers' reactions, as well as random events taking place (like having your new car towed, partaking in a signing session, etc).

Furthermore, for some reason the game runs very slowly (apparently independently from the Browser) and some medals don't work at all.

I know comments with negative feedback aren't the most pleasant to read, but I wouldn't even bother comment if there wasn't something I really liked about the game in the first place. As I said, your concept is brilliant, it's excellent, and I really hope it can be developed to its full potential.

(please overlook eventual grammar mistakes, English is not my mother tongue)

FIL1994 responds:

It is an HTML5 game; it needs a browser to run so it definitely does not run independently. The game should work like any website. All the medals work. It sounds like you might be using an out of date browser.

Thanks for the review. Those suggestions were things that I was considering, but ran out of time to implement.