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Reviews for "Eagle Eye"

Very nice bird!

This ghosty birb is very well done, the edges compliment Decidueye pretty well and compliment his design in a nice way that makes him pretty appealing to look at! (Or her, if you're one of those lucky 1 in 8.)

The colouring work is also nicely handled too, though with the bluish/cyan bits on his feet I feel they don't seem to fit well there. That could very easily just be me however!

Awesome job with the solid shapes and color! I love the red tones in the shading, it helps to bring it to life.
Aside from making the background purple, like spyronos suggested, I'd also make that tree a color that's closer to the sky color. It's definitely taking the focus away from your beautiful bird boy and hurting the composition since its so stark and white.
Really awesome work on this, you have a really interesting style!

ribbitdoodle responds:

Ooh, I see what you mean about the tree competing for attention too much. Solid advice, thanks!!

Try changing the background to Haunter purple. Might work with Decidueye a little better. Great work on best boy tho.

ribbitdoodle responds:

that sounds like it would work really well! I'll have to try it and see. (And I love "haunter purple" as a descriptive color.) Thanks!