Reviews for "Leap Jet Bear"

As the description suggests, so much rage, but really a lot of fun. Those looking for easy medals should look elsewhere, and please consider that this game is *supposed to be hard* before giving it zero stars because "this gam is, lyke, impossbl. I cn't get crustal in lvl 1".

Just a note about dash for those reading this review, you can actually dash (from the ground) in a diagonal by pressing up immediately after pressing x. Though be warned, this does not similarly work when you dash while in the air.

I would also recommend saving your no-checkpoint run for when you're not trying to collect crystals; if you grab a crystal, reach a checkpoint, and die... said crystal is not lost forever. (You have to complete the level with crystal still in your possession to actually "get" the crystal.

MadNukin responds:

I'd listen to this guy if I were you.

After playing it half an hour or so I must say that the level or precision required to get the green gems is way to high, transforming an excellent game into a frustrating experience.

In the early levels (like level 4) you have no checkpoint so getting the crystal there is actually harder than on other levels.

About the green crystals: the level design usually follows a pattern. You have to play perfectly, get the crystal AND THEN face the level's final challenges. Anywhere you fail...do it all over again.

The fact that you have to memorize the layout and try until perfection are not wrong in themselves. However when you finally manage to get a crystal after 20 tries and then the level throws random stuff at you like the position of of saw blades at any given time or whether you can land on a spikey ground make you not want to try over and over again.

Excellent music, responsive controls, real challenge AND BS challenge. Enjoyable and frustrating at the same time.

MadNukin responds:

I never intended for the crystals to be easy. Their arc of difficulty is not a straight line. As you said level 4 is way difficult than level 5 because there are no checkpoints. Why I did this is because I didn't want the player to be just playing level after level, brainlessly. That was kind of a punch to get you out of the loop and to make you want to skip it, leave it for later and when you come back for it, you'd feel way more in control and probably feel better when you get it. It's all experimental on our end and it's fair for you to feel that way. I hope you keep on playing and thank you for the review.

Not bad. Great mechanics. Good job.

Cute bear, jetpack(?) AND A FUN PLATFORMER??? I don't know what else to say!