Reviews for "AIM - Wheat Breakfast Sheepman"

Well done! :D
I saw that wiring pic on FB! I actually really like seeing those :D Too bad I don't have Reason *sad*
I really like your take on the pic with this track! It's pretty nice honestly. :3
Best of luck with the competition! \^o^/

~Phyrnna ^_^

Quarl responds:

Thanks Phyrnna!

Listened to this in my van at work today! It sounded so fuckin' sweet! Some of your transitions really blew me away. Your shit was level too, I could turn the bass all the way up to max without the song sounding all jacked with my shitty van stereo eq which means your multiband compression is on point. Nice play here! This would play out very clear on a loud system.

Holy shit Cory, this is sick! I feel really dumb that I didn't see this until now, I need to get back on the internet *_*

It so captures the vibe I was going for in the picture, especially all the chaotic future stuff I pictured going on outside of the park he's in. Fucking beauteous <3

Quarl responds:

Aw thanks Kalen, best compliments ^.~

Instant favorite! This is really good :D

Quarl responds:

Thanks nachos '~'

This has got to be one of the most unique pieces I've ever heard in an AIM contest. This is pretty awesome. In a way this makes me think Techno with a hint of Trap. I feel it could use more bass with a synth, like something to rock the subs. That's really all I feel is missing but this is pretty awesome.

I love the way you experiment with music. I remember seeing Jazlyte at Pico Day, whooped me in MvC 2. He's a swell guy. This definitely fits the image. Seeing that image and what you described, kinda crazy to see how much work you put into this. Would be interesting to see a remix of this in the future (of course not in the contest but, just in general).

Personally I would have added some reverb to that synth in the left channel a little bit to give it a bit more depth but not much so it doesn't crowd the mix. I could see someone rapping over this. Anyhow, great job. This is a pretty awesome piece, I wish I could do something like this.

Quarl responds:

lol, I hear you on that bass. I kept playing with a sub but it was so hard to squish in the mix. I ended up deleting it hoping no one would notice. For someone that produces a lot of drum and bass, bass is actually one of my weakness. :'c