Reviews for "AIM - Wheat Breakfast Sheepman"

Hi this actually made me realize the reality of the artwork in that it's a sheepman eating Wheaties like wtf. That beep boop on the left is totes annoying, which is great. Y'know I really like your use of varying rhythms in all your works. Oh the song is speeding up and I'm not ready. Wait it just ended okay perfect. Anyways, that was fun! I just WISH there was a super obvious melodic line over the harmonic progression that I could follow because I'm cheesy. Okay goodbye.

Quarl responds:

love <3

Instant favorite! This is really good :D

Quarl responds:

Thanks nachos '~'

Holy shit Cory, this is sick! I feel really dumb that I didn't see this until now, I need to get back on the internet *_*

It so captures the vibe I was going for in the picture, especially all the chaotic future stuff I pictured going on outside of the park he's in. Fucking beauteous <3

Quarl responds:

Aw thanks Kalen, best compliments ^.~

A.I.M Judging Review
RF said that this is the most unique track he's ever heard in A.I.M.
Of the 338 audio tracks I've reviewed this is my first time I've heard something like this. Can't even properly put it into the genre.

If you didn't understand it already, I think this track is amazingly wierd. It gets to the point where I wish to unscrew your head to have a look at wtf went on in your head when making this XD (no offense ofc). This is the first time I've written a review and felt like the piece is simply beyond my comprehension. The synths are great the arrangement is wierdly spot-on and it probably is the art that I've felt fit the most with the art so far in the contest.
I wish, like RF said, that the synth in my left year had a bit more reverb on it. It's a bit plain as it is right now. Would be cool with a bit more sub as well.

Mixing: 4/5
Arrangement: 5+/5
Sound Design: 5/5
Art Relevance: 5+/5
Overall 4.75/5

Quarl responds:

Thank you so much for that review. I'm debating going back and fixing things up a little but when a track get's published it's so hard to go back into it. I have almost a month left, if I go back to add a sub bass and some reverb will senpai notice me? I just want senpai to notice me. Notice me senpai.

Hold on, I'm 27 years old. Am I senpai yet? Is someone out there waiting for me to notice them?

This is the weirdest thing that's actually listenable I've heard on here. Excellent bird call thing in the beginning there, it reminded me of Metroid. In fact, every little weird sound sounds like a computer targeting onto something!

Quarl responds:

Why does everything sound like Metroid? Prime capitalized on such a memorable sound team. Get those composers and sound engineers together again and just force programmers to compose a game to the sounds they make. Do it for me Seprix. Senpai please?