Reviews for "Cold Circuit"

Hi, really wanted to like this game but lot of times (training, reading the bulletin) when I'm supposed to press spacebar I get stuck. I'm pressing spacebar but nothing is happening I need to restart the game and it makes it really annoying. If it gets fixed I'll be ready to play this game.

turtlesf responds:

dang. I'll fix it soon.
I added keymapping support after release when someone pmed me and asked for it. I had to change input around for it. I updated it just now with hopefully the bug fix. I'll test it thoroughly as soon as I have free time.

This was really fun, but I encountered a game breaking bug. On the last level, I died on the catwalk with the three rocket turrets. When I respawned, the death screen didn't go away, so now I can't see what I'm doing.

turtlesf responds:

Ouch. I'll have to fix that. In the meantime, if you want to complete the game before the next patch, you can refresh the page and pick up on last save.

GREAT game

excellent game!! so many memories....

Nice work. I found one glitch in that sometimes the ammo count for a weapon you have equipped goes to a negative number, and then won't fire unless you get enough new ammo to reload up through the negatives back into the positive. It seemed to happen when firing while being exploded.
Otherwise, very nice work.