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Reviews for "The Legend of LUST - The Final Trial (1st update)"

i like it ill admit it but the game takes forever to load i really like the music though i can barely hears the moans


Hi animalgirl1919,
thanks for checking out our game!
That is strange, it should load very fast. In the newer animations we have added audio controls on different channels, so you can turn off the music while keeping the sound effects.
By the way, we are up to update 10. N.8 is available here on NG to play online, update 10 is available for download (we have posted a link here on NG or you can find it on our website) and update 11 should be coming out the first week of December.
Thanks for your feedback and for the great rating ;)

this was one of the best games ive played so far this isn't criticism but I know that the game is far from finished and I noticed that you take user requests like the playing why we lose in the dungeon. I had a few characters I'm trying to promote and one of them actually is a demon. named discord whose forte literally is anarchic unstable power and I was thinking maybe he could fit into one of the 8 remaining circles just a suggestion if you feel like exploring this then pm me or use my email saw5larry117@gmail.com


Hi Larry,
thank you loads for the positive comments and great rating.
We will send you a private message regarding Discord.
Cheers ;)

after scene with hottie she tells you to meet her in the main hall but you can't go there what do i do next becasuse i cant progress any farther otherwise good game


There are several instances in which Hottie is involved in a scene or invites the player to join her somewhere. Could you be more specific? You might have reached the end of the update.

just 4 the music


Glad you like our music selection.

While I dont exactly agree with the tone of the previous review, I do agree with the thought that there really should be an option to turn off the background music without turning off ambient sounds. I for one don't enjoy BG music in these sorts of games even if I liked the song as such. It's distracting and I'd like the option to choose. Currently, it's a bit annoying that not only can't I keep the moans etc on without the music, I also have to keep turning the music off in every scene and there are scenes where i cant do it at all (like the upgrade screen). It just doesn't stay off when once shut off. Another request would be to add an option to advance dialogue by clicking anywhere or hitting space, instead of having to click that specific arrow in the corner.

Otherwise it seems like a really fun (and funny) game with great visuals (apart from the fugly PC demon character but I'm still in the middle of playing this and I hope his form changes when he levels up...)


Hi dancingpuppet,
thank you for the review and positive rating. Much appreciated.
The audio on/off that we have now is only a test addition that was introduced with the Final Trial update. Before that there was no audio on/off function. Eventually we might add a better version of it in but currently we are focusing on more pressing matters. Such as setting a good code as base for the entire game mechanics. For the moment, if you wish to play the game without sound, we suggest using the inbuilt PC or inbuilt browser (also tab specific) audio controls.
Yes, Lust will evolve several times as the story unfolds and his appearance will change drastically. That is all we shall say for now as we don't want to spoil it.
Cheers ;)