Reviews for "Nosebleed"

lmao at that church joke. XD Kinda went a bit overboard with the pool scene at the end though. Noseblood in a pool really such a big deal? Not that I've ever had such random accidents, but I do imagine name-spelling with turds would be slightly more distressing! Nice episode tho.


Awww, I thought you sounded off. I'm sorry, B! Anyway, this was godlike, as always. ;))) I know this is weird, but I always wanted nosebleeds. I know. WIERD. even 'I' think it's weird. heh.

Okay, Funny as hell, and a good example of basic storytelling... exaggerated life experience is the basis of a HUGE portion of entertainment drama as well as comedy (or most other genres, honestly) so well done. Not quite a timeless best-selling classic, but well done.
Voice work was spot on, sync'ed with the action, so even with only one actor/voice available, it was obvious who was saying what, and you not only get away with being the only one voicing this, but you added to the whole ideal. That's actually uncommon. Most just get by with it and the audience doesn't say anything.
I generally include a suggestion for the biggest improvement with the least effort, though you don't really NEED an improvement. I will however offer the suggestion that (at least occasionally) you could serve a little more comical effect as your own (and only) voice actor, by "making the voices" as little kids tell people to do all the time. It doesn't have to be high quality, since you'd be making a bigger joke of the thing to begin with. Maybe watch a little Monty Python (anything) for a few ideas, and see where it takes you.
On nosebleeds, yeah, got them myself. In my case it turned out to be allergies and a sensitivity to humidity levels. Even now, if the humidity drops much or fast, and I get nosebleeds... They're not as bad anymore, but little things like "AYR" nose-spray (or "saline") nasal treatments can help. A humidifier in the home (and/or office if applicable) can also benefit. In both cases, nearly nothing bad could come of it on experimentation, and you probably wouldn't just help yourself. Of course, a doctor knows more that I do, but it's a place to start (rather than assume you can't do anything)...
As always, remember to breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on!

I get random nose bleeds too. Not as bad as what's in this video. I think it's small blood vessels in the nose or something.

I love this style of animation, don't stop! you have a big potential!