Reviews for "Beat your score"

That is a great concept. There's many games that get progressively harder as you get further, but this is one of the few that accurately matches the difficulty with your performance.

The only complaint that I really have is that the controls are a bit responsive. I may try to dodge while being attacked, but at times it wouldn't work and I would just get beat up anyway. Otherwise, it's definitely one of the games I would replay over and over.

The concept of beating your own score digits really cool, however the fighting mechanics are not that good

elpepiii responds:

I'm glad you like the concept. Yeah... I wish I could have added more to the game.

I am pretty impressed at how creative this game is. I was in no way expecting that. You literally beat your score. Then again, it did get monotonous. I can at least appreciate the creativity. The animation is quite nice.

The sound effects are good. There just isn't that much variety. Still, it's fine for a quick play. The medals are harder than I thought. Well, I need to learn more combos. It reminded me of animation from SuperNews.

elpepiii responds:

Thank you very much for the review!

Mechanics on the game is kinda bad when it comes to the it boxes.

not that bad