Reviews for "Beat your score"

very cool game. The art is slick and overall an enjoyable game. I think it can get a bit unfair on getting beat up in a loop and who gets first contact gets to keep hitting. I would like it a bit more if you could break up the combos without the special or uppercut. Like if i spam punch and i get 1 for every 2 of #8's hits or #2 only can hit me once and then i can start hitting him etc.

lastly, please just make up jump :P

anywho, was a fun time waster. I don't think i will get a 6 digit score. ended with
20296. sure i can get a bit more, but don't think ic an get 4 more rounds after that.

elpepiii responds:

Hey! I'm glad you liked it!

About making up jump... I didn't do that because I wanted there to be an uppercut. But now that I think about it, I could have made it down + punch. haha

Thank you!

cool concept. Not the best fighting game but I like the idea of beating the shit out of my high score.

elpepiii responds:

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it!

games pretty fun the only problem I got is the controls seem a little buggy. I don't know if this problem happened to any one else but, sometimes when you hit a button one time and it does not stop for example I press to move left a little when I let go he continues as if he's "pacman" and it can be a pain so ln once you start hitting triple digits.so if you could fix that it would be nice

ps. it has a little lag to but that might be my computer but can you check that too thx and because of problem I'm gonna take away only half a star since I like your game or else I would have done full star. pss. I have to rate submission 4 though since I cant pick 4 and a half

elpepiii responds:

Thank you for the review!
I never had that problem, can you tell me what OS and browser are you using?
Thank you.

Nice Game!!

elpepiii responds:


That is a great concept. There's many games that get progressively harder as you get further, but this is one of the few that accurately matches the difficulty with your performance.

The only complaint that I really have is that the controls are a bit responsive. I may try to dodge while being attacked, but at times it wouldn't work and I would just get beat up anyway. Otherwise, it's definitely one of the games I would replay over and over.