Reviews for "Beat your score"

cool concept. Not the best fighting game but I like the idea of beating the shit out of my high score.

elpepiii responds:

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it!

very cool game. The art is slick and overall an enjoyable game. I think it can get a bit unfair on getting beat up in a loop and who gets first contact gets to keep hitting. I would like it a bit more if you could break up the combos without the special or uppercut. Like if i spam punch and i get 1 for every 2 of #8's hits or #2 only can hit me once and then i can start hitting him etc.

lastly, please just make up jump :P

anywho, was a fun time waster. I don't think i will get a 6 digit score. ended with
20296. sure i can get a bit more, but don't think ic an get 4 more rounds after that.

elpepiii responds:

Hey! I'm glad you liked it!

About making up jump... I didn't do that because I wanted there to be an uppercut. But now that I think about it, I could have made it down + punch. haha

Thank you!

honestly its a very cool idea to beat your score in literal meaning, but the gameplay part of it lacks depth.

elpepiii responds:

Haha, I agree.
Thank you for playing!

Not very good. Controls are confusing and when you're punching and getting punched at the same time you just stop while the enemy continues punching. When you jump you just jump in a straight line and can't move while in the air. Unfortunately that's the problem with these game engine-made games, you can't fix any of this stuff.

elpepiii responds:

Well... I don't really know what you mean about "engine-made games", I could "fix" this stuff if I had the time, since I programmed it.
Anyways, I'm sorry you didn't like this game. Thanks for playing.

good concept, there's a few flaws to the controls

First of all, explaining them instead of assuming everyone played RPG Maker-controlled games would've been nice.

Second, when it comes to your enemies having the same exact reach as you, there would've been a few better ways to deal with it, by either allowing more movement/less cooldown after every hit, or, might as well, let the player hit further, so it's not as frustrating having both the enemy and the player hit each other constantly, until the player gives up and allows the enemy to finish their combo.

third, allowing the player to move while jumping would totally make the jump kick more viable. jumping altogether seems pretty useless if if the player's not able to move where they want in the air. it just seems like it's there to fill the checklist of typical fighting games.

Other than that, I'm fine with everything else. I'm not usually picky since I've seen worse flash games.

elpepiii responds:

Thanks a lot for the review!

Yeah, the game isn't nearly what I wanted it to be. But I don't have free time to work on it anymore, so I released it instead of canceling it.
Aproaching enemies up front can feel really weird, yeah. If you double tap the arrows to dodge and get behind them, you should have an easier time defeating them.
About the jump, originaly I wanted to have air combos. So I made the jump like a tradicional fighting game. Now you can only do a two punch combo, into an uppercut, into a jump kick.

Also, the controls are in the description, but yeah, I guess I should have added them into the game.

Thank you!