Reviews for "Beat your score"

A nifty game

So this was a nicfty game here, you have some good mechanics the medals were not hard to achieve and actually made the game fun the attacking mechanics of the character was notbad and the graphics was notbad either here so this was a good game regardless

No major changes on this game here it was fun all the way around.


Great idea I think it could use booster drops though cause there is no blocking

not that bad

The hotboxes really do make this almost impossible to enjoy. The reason I bring it up is because good hitboxes are pretty much ESSENTIAL to a fighter, and bad ones can kill it quick. Sure, it's doable, but it gets progressively worse given how enemies can hit you at just the right pace to stun-lock you starting from the very first hit. I nearly lost a life at a score of 4 because as soon as I got hit, I couldn't react in any way until I lost nearly my entire health bar! The special is barely of any use, either, as the range can feel lacking and it costs health every time; so I can't rely on it saving me if I'm getting stun-locked by 3 or 4 at a time, and don't have the extra health to risk simply getting stuck in yet another stun-lock immediately afterward! The roll is very static, so you have to do the math in your head where you land, or else you'll just roll up to the enemy's melee range and get smacked over and over anyway; it doesn't help that the roll honestly doesn't take you very far, so you're not going to be getting any good backhits all that often. And if you're up against an 8, or a 9, just forget it; they're so quick, they can just outpace you the entire time. The jump's pretty much useless, because you can't get enough air to avoid getting hit, and the kick is just as useless because it lasts very briefly and is gonna require you get close enough for the enemy to hit you out of your jump and into, you guessed it, ANOTHER stunlock!

I'm sure somebody'd just go "Oh, you need to get better at it," but it's not as if I'm terrible; despite the nitpicks, I reached a 4-digit score. It just feels way too rigid to get a good feel for it, and it's a damn shame that the concept is so interesting, yet done so poorly.

That is a great concept. There's many games that get progressively harder as you get further, but this is one of the few that accurately matches the difficulty with your performance.

The only complaint that I really have is that the controls are a bit responsive. I may try to dodge while being attacked, but at times it wouldn't work and I would just get beat up anyway. Otherwise, it's definitely one of the games I would replay over and over.