Reviews for "Raven Flash"

I'm not a futa fan, but this was GOOOOD

LOL GUYS wtf is wrong with you? You're really downvoting this piece of pure art because of the futas? What would you rather see? Naked dudes? I mean, nothing wrong with being gay and actually liking naked dudes, but idk why the hell would a straight dude argue on futas. If there has to be a dick, wouldn't it be better on a chick? C'mon!

Congratulations to the author. This deserves to be on Newgrounds' "top hentai games of all time" 1st page.

I was going to say something negative, but then I noticed that it actually looks 3d. I've seen these 'click and watch the animation' video flash stuff on the Adult section of newgrounds a bajillion times, but honestly, this one looks like you put a lot of effort into it.

Now, make a Teen Titans version of the Incestibles, Shadling! The INTERNET demands it!

(maybe as a homage to Telltale games with dialogue options deciding what animation you get?)

Love it❤

beautiful! shes my favorite!