Reviews for "Raven Flash"

What Do You Do With Beast Boy When He Is Looking Over The Couch? When I Put My Mouse Over Him My Mouse Says That I Can Click On him But, When I Do Nothing Happens? I Am Talking About When Raven Is Masturbating? Plz Help?

Amazing! More please!

I was going to say something negative, but then I noticed that it actually looks 3d. I've seen these 'click and watch the animation' video flash stuff on the Adult section of newgrounds a bajillion times, but honestly, this one looks like you put a lot of effort into it.

Now, make a Teen Titans version of the Incestibles, Shadling! The INTERNET demands it!

(maybe as a homage to Telltale games with dialogue options deciding what animation you get?)

great work, although I believe the ability to change the camera angle and more expressions are needed for the different Ravens,

Great animation!
The only thing I could think of to improve would be the sounds, having some voice acting would be great. :)