Reviews for "Raven Flash"

Can someone tell me where the secret buttons are please?

Futa isn't my thing, and I was admittably put-off a little by it but the smooth-ass animation, easter egg and overall well-made animation forced my hand to give it a least a 4 over 5.

Based on a fan-made hentai comic if I'm not mistaken

Very nice, almost perfect, I enjoyed it so much. Don't listen to the ones who say that it's gay or that it's bad, keep up your good work and if they're not happy then they don't need to watch it, simple!

Animation is well done and smooth. Face expressions look natural.
Still there is one thing that bothers me the most - WHY ALL THE SHEMALES?!?!?!?!
You could use dildos, strap-ons, toys ...
Everyone has some opinion and I respect that.
Still, this is mine. Sorry i had to blam this.