Reviews for "White Slayer"

Right now, it's just a port of Crystalis. Except for the dialogue there's nothing different.

KMDES responds:


I feel like I'm getting trolled. I'm getting trolled aren't I? ;)

this is a good game it's a little difficult and i like the music it reminds me of Double Dragon and can you please put a save option because i don't like it when i start the game from the beginning and its really tiresome.

Reply to EdyKel: OH DAMN SON, ROASTED!!

All I can say that this is a strange game. I didn't like it too much, but take 3 stars.

KMDES responds:

Fair enough. It's not something for everyone.

I remember playing this game a long time ago for the NES, but it was a lot better than this.

Son, I know you just farted this out quickly to make a confusing political message for a few hits. That's fine. But you're not going to change anyone's mind, not when your heavily stereotyping one side to the point of exaggerations and lies. If you want to act like some kid on the playground who gets easily offended at what others say, or believe, then you'll never have anything worth listening to.

Both side exaggerate and bullshit about the other. If you can't discern the truth, or the facts, then you might as will place a cardboard box on your head.

Since I know how much you want to have the last word, I'll let you have it since I'm such a nice person.

KMDES responds:

95% of everything sourced in the game is based on real world events. That means real quotes paraphrased from real people, published books & public figures.

So you can claim what is said is false, but you can go on Amazon and buy these "made up facts".

And judging from the review, you're more butthurt in a single review than I will be in my entire life combined. XD