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Reviews for "White Slayer"

wierd, funny, too much having to check every house to see who is the guy you have to talk to.

i liked killing people

I find it HIGHLY offensive that BLACK PEOPLE can be KILLED. I AM LITERALLY SHAKING FROM THE OPPRESSION YOU PORTRAY! Also how dare you make the main characters color pink? Are you assuming HER GENDER?

I want to give the game more stars but I can't even finish it because it's really buggy. I'll walk in to rooms and it will stay black, when I go in to doors text boxes will appear and wont let me get out. Hit boxes are pretty bad. It needs work.

Good thing with all the jobs the emperor is bringing back it'll get work easily.

Right now, it's just a port of Crystalis. Except for the dialogue there's nothing different.

MinorAtrocityGames responds:


I feel like I'm getting trolled. I'm getting trolled aren't I? ;)

this is a good game it's a little difficult and i like the music it reminds me of Double Dragon and can you please put a save option because i don't like it when i start the game from the beginning and its really tiresome.

Reply to EdyKel: OH DAMN SON, ROASTED!!