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Reviews for "Khuskan - Atomic"

Mind Blowing

I never log in. Ever. I made my account, wrote two reviews, and never did again. I just logged in again, just to write a review for this. I showed it to my father and grandfather, they both nostalgia'd a bit, it reminded them of the feeling during the actual Cold War.
Cruising around the portal, most of it is absolute crap. This is one of the few legitimately good tunes.
Good job.

Khuskan responds:

Just a bit curious how you found this track? noticed I got a load of reviews in a really short time, was it featured somewhere without my knowledge? Not that I mind :-)

PM me if you know.


This is one of the few gems in the newgrounds audio portal. Job well done.


THis song is good, but weird. Normally I would rate based off of feeling and technical value, but this song is different.


i play fallout 3 to this song! great song!

This song is awesome

Very cool, I enjoyed it