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Reviews for "Khuskan - Atomic"


Yes i concur with the Fallout 3 connection.
This might be an old link but it's a great collaboration of visual and music.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiVvKi Z1X70


I completely agree with the guy below me. I've been thinking the EXACT same thing since I downloaded this (then played Fallout 3). Says something when you can compare such a great piece with such a great game.

Good job, seriously, this is great XD

this would be awsome on

if you were playing fallout 3
this would be the best song for fallout 3

many reasons

1. ATOMIC that its self is awesome 2. FIRE that i love to mush :B 3. that retro voice idk what is about it but i just like any song that has it 4. a great composition with the timing of it even if its al repeating the same thing its still great

best song ever

this is the most awesome song ever!