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Reviews for "Khuskan - Atomic"

Red Alert-ish

It really does sound like something from the likes of Red Alert 2 (thanks to the song "Blow It Up".)

I'm trying to mod RA2, and this would work perfectly for a mission where you go destroy Soviet Nuclear Missile Silos.

Where is this from?

Where is the retro narration from? I've heard other songs with the exact same dude

fallout 3 :D

this song comes in my head when ever im playing fallout 3 and using a fat man or mirv but yes i love the song

i'm feeling save now

i like the psa commercials of the 50s/60s for they handle very dangerous issues in such a calm way, that you simply won't panic out while being confronted with them. the song takes up this feature by underlining the lines with very smooth music. perfect.

and btw.: kudos for the good montage: it can burn whole buildings - the atomic bomb - if someone is careless.

Truly a PSA...

This is just a public service announcement, and until 2:00 minutes in, all I hear is a remix of an annoying voice that covers the great beat behind... and then it comes back at 2:20. Arrghh!! Shame..., liked the ending though! 7.