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Reviews for "Khuskan - Atomic"


I cannot express my love of this song, ever, so I'll just say it rocks my world. The dry announcer voice makes for perfect source material flawlessly remixed into an entertaining warning. Kudos major, man.


I wish I was as cool as you.

I have no music babble for you

I couldn't really analyze the song structure or instrument choice in this; I just don't have the knowledge or skills required to do so. But I do have a playlist on iTunes that I tend to play most of the time. It consists of 100 or so songs, most of them by Air. But bands like Zero 7, Broken Social Scene, Mono, Telepopmusik, Solid State Revival, and Kool & The Gang are on there. This song is on that list. I don't know what that says to you (other than I really like it), but I hope it says something good.

Excellent piece

Very, very good, although in some places the vocals sounded out of place. I loved the basstrack.


I liked it very much and i downloaded onto cd onto 360.