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Reviews for "Khuskan - Atomic"


you have save my day

Whoa this song is mellow

If I didn't use mellow in the right way I am sorry. Anyway this song i brilliant. I first heard it on Youtube accompanied with a small Fallout 3 montage and i got to say those two peice go together like the suttle calming tones and "public service announcement" style vocals in this song. But enough of the video i write this review for the masterpeice that you made. This song makes you think about the powers of man-made device on our Earth. Its catchy tones make you want to sing this until well.... "someone is careless." Its funny how i try to be funny. Anyway... Damn what else is there to say about this hit. Oh yeah i know one more thing to say: It's one of my personal favorites and i know many people out there can agree with me. Bravo man.

love it

first heard this song on Machinima's Fallout 3 Atomic Montage video, and may I say it is a fan-fucking-tastic song. Very greatly done my friend.


It's nice to see that the classics are still on top.


Very Very nice. Some how it put me into a kind off dazed state.