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Reviews for "Khuskan - Atomic"


Like your Style.


This is the best song I have ever heard on the Newgrounds Audio Portal. I have nothing more to say, and I don't care how useless this review is.


I loved this song its hard to find songs that take real service anosments (wich i heard the originale my dad recorded it) and use almost the whole thing into a good song with minor music backround.


I can't imagine how you came up with it, but its genius. I really like how he said "automobiles" and "w-w-we have safety rules now". And like what Flashcard-Man said, this is actually a little bit satirical, for it is essentially mutilating the public service messages of the nuclear fear.

This is da Bomb

This is a great song. It includes humor and education about the nuclear fear during the cold war and beyond.