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Reviews for "Ridiculous Text Adventures"

I dig this a lot. There are a lot of text based CYOA type games, it's nice to find one with a sense of humor and good replay value.

This is better than old text adventures.
It manages to be funny and engaging, all with a minimum number of options for every choice and without any graphics.

Masterfully done, I got all the achievements, and for once did so not because of my completionist mentality, but because it was so fun seeing all the weird things that can occur in these scenarios.

This was pretty darn silly! I liked it a lot. A little bit of the dialogue confused me, though... after you select "yes" or "no" at the "nice person" question, the computer will say, "Of course you are not a nice person.", and then immediately afterwards, say "you are a nice person". I don't get it.

HershallCook responds:

The joke is, you are not a Nice Person, but that you are a nice person. In the game, they are different things.

I made a deal with George. Honestly I love both of them oh so very much, my favorite was fooling with George. I enjoy George.

Great game, I was laughing all the way through. :D