Reviews for "Ridiculous Text Adventures"

This was a really cute game! Is there gonna be a second?

HershallCook responds:

There will almost certainly be a sequel. I want to make another text conversation with much more writing as well as both character and background art. However, I expect that game will be a paid download. I'll still release a demo on Newgrounds!

loved this game and just had to get all the metals and see all the alternative endings. A very nice little game 5 star :)

This is a quirky and silly game. It kind of makes me have sympathy for the AI...... that one medal 'AI never gives up' was the one that got me. The games really cool though. I love text based games like this.

i want to get medal How Stupid are you

Love it!! I just had to get all the medals and check out all the scenes. Silly and cute <3