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Reviews for "The People's Radio"

I think it's great, but you could up the tempo of the animation a bit.

there's something terribly wrong about the main character's inertia

Pretty fun

So this was kind of fun and I like the character in the game I do have to say I was a little confused at first but as you play into it. It gets better it's a fun game you have here here and I like the idea of it I do think some added bonus stuff to make it more exciting would be a plus I like game though and had fun with it so really nice job and effort on this one and some really nice energy as well

Some added bonus stuff maybe some added flasy effects too


I love the visuals and the structure, but the physics are a bit of an issue. Clean that up and you have an awesome game.

I was very confused by this game. I had no clue what was going on. I didn't even know what I was supposed to be doing. I mostly just explored and climbed up stuff. It was hard to even do that. Well, it was an experience.

I guess it was pretty creative. I probably could get into this game more. I guess this guy was supposed to be a superhero. Whatever, it made little sense. I wish I could have interacted with these people.