Reviews for "Pixel Day at the Park"

Quite good animation poor dog tho that was unexpected

I like the animation, but I cringed as soon as he started getting hit. I hoped to god that at least the dog would be okay, but the open bag with assorted organs forced me to think otherwise. I'm usually one for dark humor, but if you're just killing a dog and it's owner for really no reason at all, it's not funny.

2/5 Would Probably Never Watch Again

Exactly what I'm looking for in a cartoon.

The animation is good, but the writing...makes no sense whatsoever. I'm sorry to say I didn't find the humor in this, it felt...like no effort went into the writing, and the red square feels like it's slightly stolen from Zeurel's "how to make a flash cartoon" animation or whatever it was called, basically makes the same styled faces. I don't mean to sound insulting if I do, but it's pleasing to look at, just doesn't feel original or innovative, sorry to say.

No issues with the visuals, that's all good, besides the "looks like it was stolen from Zeurel" thing. :S sorry. I also like the music in the background which is pleasing. Work on the writing on stuff like this and you'll have solid toons. Keep workin at it, you've got good talent.

Great quality, loving how smooth the animations are!