Reviews for "Pixel Day Dash"

oh the power ups are one time use only... Thats really lame.

What i found addicting and cool about this game is the level up characteristic but this got shut down by me realising these perks are not perminate and only single use items.

What i reccomend doing is taking this in a scaleing direction. for example challenge #1/3 is you need to get 50 pixles in one run, then once you complete that its replaced by get 75 pixles in one run, and so on. I also recomend having more than 3 active tasks but have 3 tasks that are consistent and just harder than the last time Plus having some random tasks you can complete. The upgrades should cost more i guess but last forever.

if the achievements looked more fancy orr shiney i would try getting all but seance they dont im not interested i stopped half way

It is fun but so hard, when I die I get so mad I try not punch my laptop. But do know i'm not trying to be rude or hate on the game.

fun game first game i,v had fun play on this site

Jumps are really clunky and it is never said that power ups are only good for one match.

Other than that, the pixelated design and overall gameplay is okay.