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Reviews for "Pixel Day Dash"

It's Amazing this game, it's very funny

"New Challenge: Get killed by a fan."
Like John Lennon?

very addictive

A fairly decent endless runner. However there is a problem with the medals in that, after a while, sometimes medals will fail to award, and there is no medals resubmit functionality built into the game nor do they automatically award upon reloading the game.

One can try again from scratch and maybe obtain some medals cheated from you another time, but this is extremely tedious, especially as the game drags on and the medals more likely to fail are unfortunately those encountered late in the game.

It doesn't even do to refresh game before trying for a medal, as the more tedious medals are time-consuming in themselves, and even if you refresh and then immediately go for such medal, the game still might medals connection timeout or whatever the problem is where it's maybe not awarding. And when you refresh game, the counts are reset anyway, so it really must be done all in one sitting for any one medal!