Reviews for "The Shyning"

"My girlfriend is a nympho. Better kill her with a shotgun!" 10/10 logic right there.

Reminds me of DeathInk's games. He'd love this. Reminds me of the good old Sierra MS-DOS gaming days. I feel there could be slightly more to do, but it's kinda fun for what it is now. Nice work.

Raeldor responds:

I just tried one of DeathInk's games. And I must say his take on how to make it as an artist took a similar feeling of hopelessness I intended with all the diferent paths on my game although they are conceptually different the intent in them was similar i think.

Thanks for pointing me to his work. I like it a lot!

Nice game! But i got all medals except those with killing people... Where is it possible to shoot?

I liked it. The only problem was..., well.., after had drinking 25 beers and had picked up the call, the game freezed.

I can play space war in this game 10/10