Reviews for "The Shyning"

I like the game but it seems to pause before I can get any of the medals - any ideas?

Raeldor responds:

I'm sad to say that the game was made with the old API system, so the medals could not work sometimes. Maybe if you try to play it at the start of a month they will work, because of server limitations. Also, I lost the source code of the game (changing pc) and I cant no longer change the API to the new one.

Anyways, I'm glad you are liking the game. :D

Very fun

So this was some very fun activities in the game I like that you made this in pixel form and the view screen was just so right kind of reminds me of those old atrai games or tandy pc games from way back in the day, but they are fun just as you made this game fun.

My advice is just make more fun games like this.


How long do you have to play until you play to death?

Raeldor responds:

You have to get 5000 points. then you keep getting extra lives, when the Lives counter gets to 1000 you get the ending.

Story wasn't completely original. Next time you should spellcheck your dialogue before publishing your game. There was barely a single line without some sort of error.

I can play space war in this game 10/10