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Reviews for "The Shyning"

Really well put together game theres just one thing...How do you get the NSFW trophy lol

Raeldor responds:

I dont want to spoil or do a guide in the reviews but I'll give you a hint. ;)
In his room you have to be able to use the phone again, try drinking and using the computer a lot after he is more drunk.

Ah finally managed to screw screw up ...aaaaand he kills himself?! oO
For that too? and using the same ending <- FYI: Recycling is not necessary in virtual worlds! ;p
I think you could have simply finished with the... that fountain scene.
Anyway GJ! :)

Very good game! I love the characters and the dialogue. However, there seems to be quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes.
Just pointing that out :^)
Otherwise, great game, and very funny.

Have a great day!

Funny game. 40 beers untill He dies; what a huge stomach.

Cool game, it has a lot of options and high replayability despite its simplicity. I like the effort put into graphics (a lot of details and animations) + the music is very catchy and fits the atmosphere.
Although I think I found a bug (?) - when you drunk till he dies on the party, his dead body appears in his room. It would be interesting to see the ending when it actually happens on the party.

Raeldor responds:

Thanks for the review, I really apreciate that!

Also The "bug" is not a bug, I simpy didn't thought of that outcome, sorry. (We can just pretend him going very drunk to his room and then dying there :P) Maybe I'll patch it with an extra ending but right now I'm a little busy with other projects.