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Reviews for "The Shyning"

Well, that was odd. It was hard to really understand this game. I mean, it was basically just this same room. Well, I could probably do more with more interaction. It was kind of mysterious that way. I was able to get the beer medal.

It's forty beers that kills him BTW. I have no idea how much you'd need in real life. The atmosphere was fine. I guess it was quite realistic. It just didn't add up to much.

Is there a walkthrough available?

Raeldor responds:

Send me a PM if you want and I can make you a full walkthrough. :P

Well that was dark... I love it
Very good and the blonde one has a nice butt

The most interesting thing about this game is that it has different endings and that means playing through the same gameplay over and over again. That's good for replayability, and is a clever way to develop the main character. However, that gets really boring really fast and the game moves rather slow which doesn't do much to facilitate the player's interest. This is primarily an issue with drinking. It takes so long to down the appropriate amount of beers for several of the endings. Overall, it's interesting story-wise, but the gameplay itself is pretty lackluster. If you plan on makeing edits in the future, I'd recommend working on the pacing of the game: make it faster or at least more fun to play at the current slow pace. Otherwise, good job. It's a neat idea. It's a bit vulgar for my tastes, but that's honestly just me and not something that can really be helped.

P.S. The computer game could use some work. It's impossible to rotate fast enough to defeat enemy ships before they fire at you, and since you can't move, their shots ALWAYS hit which makes the game more about luck (you just have to hope you're lucky enough to not get multiple enemy ships on screen at once).

Raeldor responds:

Good review and good points made, I'll keep your critique in mind for the future.

And about the computer game: Sorry that's my fault I forgot to tell the controls for that particular minigame, because I reused an older one, The ship can move by pressing the Up key. After establishing that the only keys used are the Left, Right and Space, I should have told about the Up key inside the minigame. :P

Great game but man is it buggy.