Reviews for "Minute of Rage"

This game is not hard, is unfair. and short.

Wolod responds:

Yes, it's short. But it's fair. If you can't figure out some tricks watch a walkthrough video or use a guide by aadfg (it's not far from you review).

Great game. I love the combination between the frustration of the struggle and the motivation that the music itself provides. The music gets you pumped enough to keep trying over and over again. By the way, is there any way by any chance that I can get a copy of the survival mode music? hehe
5 Stars, my friend!

Wolod responds:

Thanks! You can download soundtrack from GmeJolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/minute-of-rage/223794

I just realized that i can play this game on my xbox one :)

Wolod responds:

I didn't know that it can work on modern consoles XD

I was doing nothing after the start and I eventually survived 23 secs xD

REALLY hard, raging game. Kinda enjoying this....

Wolod responds:

You're a really lucky person :)
Thanks for playing!

Protip: Stand in between 2 tiles; the disappearing tiles and laser beams won't affect you.

Also, when dodging plasma balls, you have 3 options: Stay in place and jump (J), run toward it and jump over it, (RJ or LJ) or running away then running toward to jump over. (RLJ or LRJ). Staying in place and jumping over it is the worst option, don't do it unless completely necessary. Many people pick between the 2nd or 3rd option quite randomly. Don't do this! Take a bit of time (but not too much) to decide whether you should do the 2nd or the 3rd option. In the last 30 seconds of Survival mode, many deaths were due to people jumping over the ball and landing on a tile just about to disappear! If you see a tile starting to disappearing at the same time that you need to make a decision, go in the opposite direction. Impulsively jumping over the ball will make you land right when it disappears and you will end up in lava.

After dodging an obstacle, many people sit back waiting for the next one. NO! DO NOT DO THIS. After landing from the jump, immediately start looking for the next sign of danger. You do not have time to relax. If you can, think about the upcoming danger in your landing area after jumping away from an obstacle. This game is about recognizing obstacles that the author places one after another. I am led to believe that the obstacles are initially set up randomly, but when you jump away from one, the game generates new obstacles in your landing area. Now you don't have that 1 second to think. The obstacle is already there, your time is reduced. If you ever landed and noticed that you immediately had to jump again, this is not a coincidence. The game was designed to play like this. The author spent hours upon hours programming these laser beams, plasma balls, spikes and disappearing tiles to troll you. In the last 20 seconds, your location is probably the main determinant in where the next obstacles are generated. My strategy is to start off in the center. If you're in the center and nearing the end of survival mode, you will notice that NONE of the obstacles (plasma ball is an exception) are on the corner tiles. They all happen to be generated around you.

Lastly, do not give up. I know everyone who tries can beat survival mode. This is not meant to be a challenge that can be completed in under 30 minutes.

Wolod responds:

First of all: thanks for playing!
Wow! This guide is brilliant! Thanks for sharing. I'd also like to mention that you can run through spikes.