Reviews for "Minute of Rage"

Appropriately named, although can be quite annoying when there's 9 seconds left and all but one platform disappears and that one platform has spikes on it. Pretty good game though :)

Wolod responds:

Thanks. Glad that you've liked it.

It really wasn't that rage inducing for me, but it was challenging and a little frustrating (maybe if I was listening to the music, I would find it more frustrating and frantic). I managed to beat it, though I have some concerns/questions/comments:
- Is the rapture medal the one you get when you beat it? Because I didn't receive it. Or do you receive it from reaching 60 seconds in Endless mode? Also, I unlocked all the clothes and didn't get the other medal either (I figured it was for the clothes since the name of the medal means custom fitting clothes.
- It seems like there are some instances that are impossible to avoid death, like when three floor tiles disappear from below you, there is an eye shooting lasers on the left and a ball of energy moving toward you from the right that you'll jump into if you try to avoid death. Still, I found strategy in this game. I typed some of it out here for other players and for you (because if you planned this out, you are smart:
- After the spikes come up, you can walk over them. You just can't jump on them or be standing there when they first arrive. (I didn't figure this out until after I beat the game)
- The spikes take longer to come up than the floor tiles do to disappear, meaning you can move over the soon-to-be spike areas to avoid falling in the pit.
- The tiles only disappear for about three seconds so if you time it right you can dodge something by jumping to where the tiles will reappear (sometimes, they are timed just right).
- There is also the slight chance that on the tile with the eye monster shooting lasers that you can stand on the edge of it and not get injured (I used this to avoid certain once though it is tough).
- For the statues that shoot energy balls, there is a charging function on that that will alert you that they are about to shoot so it shouldn't take you by surprise.

I liked the art, the music was intense, and it was a very good challenge. Very good job on the game. I look forward to your future work and hope you do great in the competition.

Wolod responds:

That's a very detailed review. Thanks for the feedback!
Rapture medal is unlocked for beating the game. Game checks your medal status every time you run it. So they have to unlock eventually. Keep in mind that Adblock (if you use one on Newgrounds) may interrupt medal unlocking.
I have one more tip: I personally love to stand on the border of two blocks. If one of them disappears or if eye monster shoots laser you won't get hurt.

made me scream multiple times, even in weird ways
It also made me speak like a mexican hahaha

Wolod responds:

What happens in this game stays in this game ;)

If you'd like to have more reasons to smack your keyboard/mouse/gamepad, this game is just for you. Also, music is really cool.

Wolod responds:


The longest time was by just standing and don't move at all :D -> 22 seconds !
Oh, and btw, even without unlocking any of the bonuses, i already know what they are:
- gag, had, mask, tail
How? well ... seems like the locked-mechanism is just visual ... and since the game is too hard in my mind i guess i won't unlock them in the supposed way, sorry.

Wolod responds:

Thanks for the bug report. Time to lock some items properly. And by the way anybody is able to unlock them in the supposed way. All you have to do is just to keep playing. Every item unlocks after a certain amount of the gameplay sessions.